Economic Vitality and Lower Taxes

The only way we can solve the long term funding issues in our state is to grow the economic activity and increase jobs. More taxes will never be the answer.


I received the 4th highest score in the State Senate from the Utah Taxpayers Association because I have a proven track record supporting economic growth through wise tax policy. I know from personal business experience and the experience I have had on the Cedar City Council and Economic Development Board, that most of our job growth comes from small companies expanding.


More of the growth in our area comes from small businesses like mine. When we bought our first drug store in 1996 we had 8 employees and 5 of them were my family. We now have two pharmacies and drug stores, two retail stores and 50 employees. If we had 10 businesses that had the same track record as ours then we would have the equivalent of a large company. We have to make sure that our tax and regulation structure is conducive to small business growth. We also have to position our local economic development boards in a position to benefit from the state resources provided by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.