Wes Christiansen

“Being a school board member from Washington County, I closely follow the bills that affect education. I have found that Senator Vickers is always accessible, responsible, conservative, and caring about the students and teachers in the state. He has worked hard to find fixes to some of the problems associated with the Utah Core. He has been open-minded about what is best for the youth and the future of Utah students. I fully endorse the reelection of Senator Vickers.” -Wes Christiansen

- Wes Christiansen, Hurricane 58 -

Dale Ipson

“Southern Utah, and our future and quality of life, depends on strong leadership.  That why we must support Evan Vickers for Utah Senate.  We have to have leadership that understands how conservative qualities and principles help foster successful business; we have to have someone who has the time and ability to work extremely hard for our area at the state Legislature.   I know Evan personally and he doesn’t just ‘talk the talk,’ he ‘walks the walk’ with the values and ideals that we want in an elected leader. Evan Vickers has put southern Utah first, and we need his strong leadership and principles.  I am supporting Evan Vickers and I ask that you do too.” -Dale Ipson

- Dale Ipson, Washington 73 -

Marilee Stowell

“We must continue to support outstanding leaders like Senator Vickers.  Evan has proven his complete commitment to southern Utah in ensuring our strong conservative values and communities are represented at the state Legislature.  That’s why I’m supporting Senator Evan Vickers.” -Marilee Stowell


- Marilee Stowell, Parowan North -