Ed Goodwin

“It is my extreme privilege and pleasure to express my support for Senator Evan Vickers.  He is a man of vision and integrity, and we would be hard-pressed to find anyone as dedicated and passionate about southern Utah.   Not only is Evan completely approachable,  he seeks facts and input throughout his constituency, dedicating countless hours to do so.  He is a man of considerable talent, experience, and ability matched with a stalwart work ethic.   I am confident Senator Evan Vickers will continue to ‘have our backs’ as a strong voice for all of southern Utah and hope you will join me with wholehearted support to reelect him as our State Senator.” -Ed Goodwin

- Ed Goodwin, Cedar City 5 -

Cindy Bulloch

“Senator Evan Vickers is a man of integrity whose effort on our behalf is unmatched. His leadership has literally made a difference for thousands of people. I have watched as he has guided important rural issues and human services issues through the legislative process to favorable resolutions.   He is recognized well beyond the borders of Beaver, Iron and Washington County as a leader who works hard to do the right thing.  I invite you to join me in supporting Evan in his re-election as our State Senator.” -Cindy Bulloch

- Cindy Bulloch, Parowan South -

Alan Gardner

“Times change, but the values of our community remain the same.  Senator Vickers doesn’t just say he is conservative, he has proven it with his voting record.  He has been a steady and solid conservative leader for our community and I endorse Evan for re-election.” -Alan Gardner

- Alan Gardner, Washington 72 -

Gary Howe

“I support Evan Vickers for the Utah State Senate representing District 28. I have never known an elected officer so accessible and so interested in hearing from their constituents. He is not the kind who shakes hands and kisses babies at election time and then disappears. He is always accessible, always reporting back on what is happening and always answering e-mail. Even when you disagree with a position he may have, he is willing to discuss the issue and to explain his thought process, often winning you over.  Evan Vickers is a great representative of the people of southern Utah. He is intelligent, knowledgeable and connected.  Evan Vickers has my vote.” -Gary Howe

- Gary Howe, Enoch 1 -

Carolyn White

“Evan has shown that his top concern is making sure southern Utah gets strong conservative representation.  Serving on the Beaver County School Board, as well as President of the Utah School Board Association,  I can say without hesitation he is a champion of public education and has done so much for our rural counties. Please join me in casting your vote for Senator Vickers.” -Carolyn White

- Carolyn White, Beaver 1 -

Brent Davis

“More than ever it is critical that we continue to support leaders like Senator Vickers. Evan has shown that his only concern is making sure southern Utah gets strong conservative representation. He represents our community and the values that we hold dear.  I’m supporting Senator Vickers and ask you to support him with your vote.” -Brent Davis

- Brent Davis. Enoch 4 -

Kent Heideman

“Senator Evan Vickers has worked tirelessly to not only understand the issues facing our district but to be involved in protecting our rural way of life.  I have appreciated how hard he has worked on public land, agriculture, economic development, healthcare, wildland fire and other issues.  He sponsors bills that are very pertinent to our area and seeks input from all stakeholders.  His conservative voting record reflects the conservative nature of the Senate district that he represents.  I ask you to join me in supporting Evan in his re-election as our State Senator.” -Kent Heideman

- Kent Heideman, Washington 67 -

Craig Isom

“Evan has served our area for more than 20 years in dozens of capacities, everything from the local water board, to city councilman and now to State Senator.   Evan loves southern Utah and works tirelessly to make sure southern Utah gets strong conservative representation.  He represents our community and the values that we hold dear.  I’m proud to say I’m supporting Senator Vickers.” -Craig Isom

- Craig Isom, Cedar City 24 -

Mark Whitney

“It is a true pleasure to endorse Evan Vickers’ candidacy for State Senator.  He has been so influential and helpful for us rural County Commissioners to gain access in both the Utah House and Senate, and to allow our voices to be heard on bills that are cruical to our southern Utah counties. Cast your vote for Evan Vickers, and together we win on June 24th.” -Mark Whitney

- Mark Whitney, Milford 3 -

Robert Cox

“I have associated with Evan Vickers in many different capacities and found him to be a man of honor and integrity.  Whenever I have had questions or concerns, Evan has made time to listen and address my issues.  As I have visited with other legislators, I learned he is well-respected by his peers.  Senator Vickers represents and defends the values that are important to us in southern Utah.  I also appreciate the fact that Evan has a tremendous amount of business experience and understands the challenges of operating a small business. Evan Vickers has my support.” -Robert Cox

- Robert Cox, Cedar City 25 -