Governor Gary Herbert

“Evan has championed the cause of southern Utah and his constituents. He brings an important perspective to the Senate with his background and abilities. Evan knows Utah land laws and grazing and water rights issues. He has great work ethic and I know he will continue to be a great advocate for you. Cast your vote for Evan Vickers for Utah Senate…the hardest-working, most effective leader for southern Utah.” -Gov. Gary Herbert

- Governor Gary Herbert -

Washington Mayor Ken Neilson

“I support Evan Vickers for re-election to the State Senate. His business know how and his management experience make him the clear choice.” -Mayor Ken Nielson

- Mayor Ken Nielson, Washington City -

Representative Mike Noel

“Evan Vickers is a successful businessman and is well-respected in the House and Senate. He is my ‘go-to guy’ in the Senate on public lands and rural issues.” -Rep. Mike Noel

- Representative Mike Noel -

David Westwood

“As a member of the Utah Senate Evan Vickers has proven to be an accessible, responsible, conservative leader who does an exemplary job of staying in touch with his constituents.  I hope you will join me in supporting him as Evan runs for re-election.” -David Westwood

- David Westwood, Cedar City 19 -

Harvey Jensen

“I have associated with Evan Vickers for several years.  He has always been honest and forthcoming in all of our dealings and discussions.  I wholeheartedly endorse Evan to continue serving as State Senator representing District 28.” -Harvey Jensen

- Harvey Jensen, Cedar City 26 -

Donna Law

“As someone who has been involved in local party politics for some time and as someone who watches the legislative process closely I have had the chance to observe the leadership of Senator Vickers on a frequent basis. I am pleased to see his efforts and legislative successes in behalf of southern Utah. We could not have a more effective representative on Utah’s Capitol Hill fighting for our cause. Specifically, his leadership in fighting for the prioritization of funding for the Southwest Applied Technology College, Southern Utah University, the Utah Shakespeare Festival and needed transportation projects has been particularly impactful to the residents of our area. He engenders much respect from his colleagues and because of that has made significant contributions to the betterment of our area. Evan Vickers has my vote.” -Donna Law

- Donna Law, Cedar City 22 -

Barbara Corry

“Six years ago when Evan ran for the House of Representatives he told our community that he would go to Utah’s Capitol to fight for the issues that mattered most to us.  Fiscal conservatism, protection of our state sovereignty, promoting business growth through limited government and protecting our family values were all ideals he promised to champion.  In every case he has delivered on that promise.  That’s why I supported him two years ago when he ran for the Senate and that is why I am supporting him again now.  He does what he says he will do.  I respect that.” -Barbara Corry

- Barbara Corry, Cedar City 15 -

Representative Brad Last

“Evan and I have been good friends for a long time, and I also had the opportunity to work with him while he was a State Representative.  Evan is a true leader, example, and champion of southern Utah. In the short time he’s served in the Legislature, he’s already one of the most respected and influential voices there. I hope you will join me in supporting Evan so he can continue to be a powerful voice for southern Utah and our conservative values.” -Brad Last

- Brad Last, Hurricane 54 -

Don Marchant

“Being on the Cedar City Council, I know first-hand the hard work, sacrifice and genuine love for our communities someone must have to effectively serve in elected office.  To that end, Evan Vickers has been one of the most effective elected leaders I’ve had the privilege to work with.  I have known Evan for many years and he has a deep love for, and commitment to, southern Utah, both personally and as our State Senator.  Evan is a principled man and has an unequaled work ethic and I give him my full support in his reelection.” -Don Marchant

- Don Marchant, Cedar City District 12 -

Dave Stirland

“Evan Vickers has proven, through his 30+ years as a owner of several successful small businesses, that he knows exactly how to help grow an economy. Furthermore, he understands the importance of fiscal conservatism and how to create a business-friendly environment.  We need Evan Vickers representing us as our State Senator, and I strongly encourage you to cast your vote for Evan.” -Dave Stirland

- Dave Stirland, Hurricane District 58 -